About MDAC

MDAC opened its doors in April of 1993, and, over the years, we have become a respected provider of high quality medical assessments to a wide assortment of clients. Our twenty years of professional experience has placed us in the position to offer outstanding service and has earned us a solid reputation in the community.

Each assessor participating in our centre’s multi-disciplinary assessment activities is senior and respected within his or her own profession, as well as within the medical, legal and communities at large. Our assessors’ professional activities reflect the MDAC philosophy of maintaining a proactive approach to, and leadership, in the field of disability assessment – many serving on the boards of organizations such as Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators and other similar bodies. Our assessors are always prepared to support their conclusions by testifying in any legal forum, and have done so on a number of occasions with great success.

Having performed a large number of individual and multi-disciplinary evaluations, our assessment centre is well versed in the procedures and medico-legal issues involved in assessing physical and psychological disability during the chronic stage of injury. We have in place a mature and effective infrastructure, including human, administrative, procedural and material resources essential for the optimal fulfillment of our mandate.